Purdue University 

Spring 2023
MA16010 Applied Calculus I
I am in charge of moderating the forum for discussion of all the sections of applied calculus I. On the daily basis I interact with students by answering questions and guiding them through homework problems. 
Fall 2022
MA16010 Applied Calculus I

I am very excited to teach my own course this semester! I hope my passion for teaching is transmitted to my students and their learning. 
Fall 2021 & Spring 2022
MA26100 Multivariate Calculus

I taught recitation for calculus 3. In this course, I worked on homework and lectures problems with the students throughout the class. In addition, I wrote quizzes which were used to evaluate the students in class. I also provided regularly scheduled office hours where I would support students with homework, quiz, and test questions. 
Summer 2011
MA26500 Linear Algebra

I was a teaching assistant for this and was in charge of grading homework, exams and quizzes. I also wrote some of the quizzes for the course. I helped students with the material taught  by answering their questions through email and also the platform Piazza.
Spring 2021 & Fall 2018
MA26100 Linear Algebra And Differential Equations

I graded for this course and was consistently in communication with the students in regards to their homework, quizzes, and exams. I regularly responded to students emails with questions about the material and class. In addition, I graded their homework and their quizzes. 
California State University, Sacramento
I was a participant in the summer math honors program through the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program at CSU-Sacramento before I started college. Then, I participated in the program in my first year by taking Calculus I and II. I then was offered a position as a facilitator for the LSAMP program after my first year where I carried a cohort of students that became part of the program for two years. I worked closely with these students and discovered my passion for teaching and different strategies for working with diverse learning styles. 
- LSAMP Summer Math Honors Program Summer 2015
- Math29A Precalculus I (recitation) (Fall 2015)
- Math 29B Precalculus II (recitation) (Spring 2016)
- LSAMP Summer Math Honors Program Summer 2016
- Math 30 Calculus I (recitation) (Fall 2016)
- Math 31 Calculus II (recitation) (Spring 2017)
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