As a child, my curiosity for the world led me to discover my passion for writing. Through short stories and poetry, I was able to escape my reality and fantasize about the wonders of the world.
My poetry helped me understand relationships and human connections, and in return I was able to share my own experiences with others. 
Poetry has become an important part of my identity. I hope that sharing my work with you allows you to understand my perspective and allow you to discover something new. 
My parents and siblings are the stars
That surround me when night comes.
My education is the moon
Which lights the night and keeps the hope in me.
My poetry is the world
In which I can write whatever I want
Mathematics my universe, the one is yet to be discovered.
You are the sunshine that preserves who I am yet to become.
I am a poem,
A poem which is going to be written and completed,
Someday this poem will have a name.
A beautiful name.
My name.
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